About Us

We want the people of Western Canada to experience what  always came standard to us growing up, the best & freshest seafood in the world.

Our Story


We are two Brothers, Devin & Colby Campbell, born and raised on Eastern Prince Edward Island who grew up surrounded by fishing communities, a love for fishing and being on the water. We relocated to Alberta at a young age and now many years later we are bringing to Western Canada what always came standard to us growing up, the best & freshest seafood in the world with a side of East Coast hospitality.  Quality seafood and customer service is at the top of our list.  We want people to have a great experience when they come see us and continue that when they take their seafood home and enjoy it with family & friends.

The idea was brought to life in 2015 after many years of flying in fresh lobsters and seafood for ourselves and friends for special occasions. It started with us selling in parking lots and at farmers markets.  After our first winter selling outside in -40 weather we quickly realized we needed to build ourselves some shelter.  We designed and built our first Food Trailer and started moving quality seafood across the prairies. Trailer 2 and 3 soon followed and we started crossing borders.  We are now proudly selling in more than 150 communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In our 6th year in business, our latest endeavor is opening our first storefront in  April 2021 which is located in Nisku, AB.  Our business has grown over the years are we needed to expand to keep up with the demand.  Customers are very happy they now have a regular spot they can come get our product and they don’t have to chase down a Food Trailer.  We are also seeing an abundance of new customers through the door, people who could never make it to a Food Trailer or people just looking for great seafood.  We are in the midst of expanding our business even more so stay tuned for more news coming soon from The Seafood Mafia!  







What People are Saying






"LOVE me some Lobster Mobster!"








"Love your digby scallops and lobster meat, thanks for stopping in Innisfail"





"You Guys are the best! Keep up the good work!!"





" Awesome seafood; the BEST!"




"Best seafood other than straight from ocean"





"These guys have the BEST fish and their fishcakes are to die for!!! Yum yum."





"LOVE the Lobster Mobsters! So happy to see them when they’re in Grande Prairie"





"Awesome seafood. Always happy to purchase and support this Canadian industry."





"We look forward to every time you make a stop in Humboldt, SK!!"





"Absolutely the best king crab I have ever had!!!"





About Us