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We are The Lobster Mobsters, Alberta’s East Coast Seafood supply. We have 3 Food Trailers based out of Edmonton and Brooks and we travel all over Alberta to 50 different Towns and Cities selling the finest fresh, frozen and ready to eat seafood you can get. We are made up of 2 brothers originally from PEI and we import our seafood from all over the East Coast where we have very strong family fishing ties. We know exactly where our seafood comes from and are all about quality and customer service, true East Coast style. Food Trailers, Farmers Markets, Parking Lots, Retail, Community Events, Private Events, Golf Tourneys, Your Town. . .

Northern Alberta – Edmonton (Colby): 780-863-5052

Southern Alberta – Brooks (Devin): 403-793-4596 

Alternatively, you can pm us on Facebook, fill out the form below or email us directly: sales@thelobstermobsters.com

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